We call our recruitment process the “12 Steps to Success”, and it involves the following 12 steps:-

  1. Completing a Job Analysis with the client to learn about the tasks and responsibilities of the position, the type of applicant required, and the culture of the company. This takes around 1 hour with the client and involves consultants from The Retail Resources Company visiting our client’s store(s).
  2. The placement of employment advertising. We use internet advertising and in most cases the internet advertising is included in the fee.
  3. Conducting a database search.
  4. Screening applications and conducting telephone interviews for the “probable” and “possible” applicants. This is the first of three interviews with potentially successful applicants.
  5. Conducting the first personal interviews to ascertain each applicant’s suitability. These interviews are designed to learn the applicant’s background and their career aspirations. If these match with our selection criteria and the position on offer, we advise the applicant the appropriate information about the position.
  6. Because it’s not only important to get the most suitable applicant for our client, but to get the right job for our applicant, we send suitable applicants on an assignment designed specifically for each position.
  7. Conducting the second personal interviews to gain essential details on each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. This second interview involves a large number of questions ( including behavioural ) which are used to assess each applicant on the different selection criteria.
  8. Completion of telephone reference checks are carried out at this stage or following a successful client interview, dependent on confidentiality issues.
  9. The conducting of the client interviews whereby our client interviews the short-listed applicants. Prior to these interviews we provide our client with detailed information on each applicant.
  10. Psychological and other tests as required. We can arrange psychological appraisals for those clients wishing to use this very valuable tool in the selection process.
  11. Conducting salary or other negotiations with the applicant on behalf of our client.
  12. Advising all successful and unsuccessful applicants.

“The Retail Resources Company provided Budget Rent A Car in WA recruitment and training services for many years. Rob’s recruitment services included all levels from management to sales to clerical and we found his standards and methodology to be very high. He also wrote and delivered many training courses for our managers and salespersons on many aspects of our business and believe that his training produced the results we were seeking.”

John McShera • General Manager Operations, Budget Rent a Ca

“Rob Hubbard and The Retail Resources Company provided consultancy and recruitment services to my company for around 4 years. We are a leading visual merchandise provider to retailers, shopping centers, city councils and other businesses and our business is diverse and all encompassing. Rob assisted in several areas as a consultant and recruited several senior staff into our business. I found his services to be professional and competent.”

Ryan Cliffe • Creative Director, Visual Inspirations Australia

“Rob Hubbard and The Retail Resources Company has been, and still remains, my retail consultancy for around 20 years assisting myself and my buyers with buying plans, merchandise plans, leasing advice, new store openings, and store closures. I have found his advice invaluable, his level of professionalism very high and his commitment to the success of my business to be complete. I would recommend his services to all retailers.”

David Stephenson • Properietor, Albany Surf Shop